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Worst Heroes and Villains War Ever Round 2: Searching for the Stainless

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Human Instrumentality Committee has gathered along with their "guest of honour". They discuss Shinji piloting the Evangelion and BAHRAM invasion. Guest believes that when everyone's focus is on BAHRAM, Committee can continue their plans in peace. Keel Lorenz, leader of the Committee, notes that BAHRAM must neither disturb the "Inner Earth" where Terminal Dogma is located.

M. Bison arrives to meet Quan Chi, who invited him and Shadow Master to help open the portal to Zaterra, where he could capture a powerful artifact. Shadow Master succeeds in breaking a hole on the portal where Quan Chi goes in. Bison asks Shadow Master to sign an alliance between the Shadaloo and Shadow Dojo. Shadow Master complies and gives Bison Shadow Forces to help him take over an Indian powerplant.

Shinji arrives to the new school campus of Tokyo-3 that has been merged with multiple other schools of Japan due to BAHRAM's invasion. Shinji looks over at his classmates, whose include Ceylan Jones, Ichiko Orimura, Kensuka Aida and Toji Suzuhara, Mako Mankashoku and Sousuke Sagara. Kaname Chidori introduces herself as the class representative.

Far away in space, Guybrush is brought to Gleeman Vox's office of Dreadzone. Vox promises Guybrush money, merchandise and fortune as the first Earthling competitor of DreadZone. Guybrush is confused by Vox's pleasant welcome, but accepts the gladiator deal as a way to get out of there faster.

Back in Earth, Rambo arrives to the border of Tierra Libre, where Savage Dragon and Alex are getting ready for the General Warhawk's next attack. When Dragon is worried about the absense of Robocop, Rambo wants them to do their best.

In 1957, Anthony Cole along with Moomintroll finds his partner Stina Holmlund with native troops, but they meet a wounded saberlion, showing the wonders of Parallel World.

Release of Vendra Progg

Back in the present in Space, lombax named Ratchet and his pal Clank are set to send dangerous, insane criminal Vendra Progg and her brother Neftin into Vartax Detention Center on a spaceship. When awaking Vendra from cryosleep, ship is attacked by BAHRAM's forces, an army of Orbital Frames led by pilot named Viola. Viola has been given the task of releasing Progg Siblings for their invasion of Earth. Vendra and Neftin are picked up by BAHRAM when the spaceship gets blown up. However, Ratchet and Clank have survived by hiding inside a BAHRAM wareship and are on a way to the new frontier.

Strong Bad and Homestar Runner vs. Melies Moon

Strong Bad is with The Cheat and Homestar Runner out at night, guarding broken Trogdor arcade cabinet when the Giant Moon attacks from the sky, with strange powers he wrecks havoc on Strong Badia and Free Country USA, but what does it really want?

Sonic the Hedgehog vs. Mouser, Koopa and Tryclyde

King Koopa finds out that Robotnik is building a new powerful weapon that could take out Mario Brothers and make him the king of Mushroom Kingdom. Confused by Robotnik stealing his enemies, Koopa decides to get revenge on him by luring Robotnik's nemesis Sonic into a trap.

Sonic and his friend Tails are running through mobius when Tryclyde, Mouser and Koopa challenge Sonic on a roadrace for lifestock of Chili Dogs. Excited, Tails accept the challenge on behalf of Sonic and go to pick up a car. When Sonic isn't allowed to use his feet, Koopa has got a lot of traps for the Blue Blur.

Ryuko Matoi vs. Xia Yu Lan

Ryuko Matoi is on his way to Tokyo-3 Campus when an assassin named Xia Yu Lan comes on her way, wanting to kill her. Ryuko doesn't take her seriously, but Xia is armed and dangerous, even for Ryuko's strange weapons. But she doesn't know that a man named Aikuro is watching the fight from distance.


The Master awakens in his lair, as Melies Moon suddenly brings him a broken arcade cabinet. Master is confused, but intrigued as Cabinet is seemingly hiding something.

Max is stuck in 1890s Paris World Expo, when boy named Jean gets interested in Max's weird clothing and cap, thinking he's part of the Expo crew. Jean befriends him and promises to show him Paris more.

Sam and Max, freelance police are called to Transylvania by man named Klaus, who wants two surreal policemen to drive away a vampire and a succuubus from his master's castle. Sam and Max accept the mission, when Demitri Maxinoff and Morrigan Aensland find out about their guests.

Demitri and Morrigan vs. Sam and Max

Sam and Max encounter Demitri who tends to scare the duo with his magical powers, but Morrigan keeps arrogantly swooping in between. That's when Freelance Police finds a possible distraction.

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