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vlog ep. 4 — manga shopping, mall, watching anime, organizing my manga shelf

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yt ruined the quality yet again so
pls watch this in 1080p~

( first of all, thank you so much for 3k subs, this means a lot to me really, every single one of you who watches my vids is amazing!! )

hi, this is my first vlog for the year 2021 and here i showed/compiled some eventful days that happened in my life during my school break in december last year !! i am so sorry for being gone/inactive for 2 weeks t_t i’ve been busy with things and being back to school is so stressful, so with this being said, i still won’t have a regular uploading schedule (haha) i’ll upload when i have time and lurk around here on yt when im procrastinating TT (jk) i hope everyone had a nice new year !!

see you in the next vid :3 keep safe out there friends

with love,
moon ♡

likes, comments and shares are appreciated
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if you wanna be friends
ig- @moonlitcqfe :3

music used
(by lukrembo)

(by zeeky beats)
samurai love
past night

channels for inspo:
@ tokyowho : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3uVfquYuvRKd9kBSGI3MfA
@ iwazumin : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfki7Gi8lmA2OErRVdkCCOw


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