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Top 50 Romance/Drama Anime

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Hey everyone! In celebration of the month of Romance, Ether and I have decided to collage our Top 50 Romance/Drama Anime! To make up for the past few weeks we decided on uploading our largest collective genre list ever! It has definitely has gotten difficult for us the past few weeks. Our workload has increased significantly from the beginning of this year because of the new semester; and we are both finding it harder to collaborate with our different schedules. However this will not affect the quality of our videos! We both thank you guys for staying and supporting us. WE LOVE Y'ALL! Hope you guys enjoy as always!

Quick Notes:
-We consider both the overall quality of the anime, as well as its relevance to the genre(s) when we make our lists. We then balance the anime in these two aspects and order them accordingly.
-Honorable Mentions are reserved for extraordinary shows that cannot be accurately judged because they have only just started airing.
-We are always open for video suggestions, please leave them below in the comments! (Although we are not taking all suggestions). Please note that comments regarding list suggestions will be seen as suggestions and not requests, since we might not be able to complete them all and would like to avoid any misconceptions/animosity =x
http://bit.ly/VaEDxA (Kurama)
http://bit.ly/1k1zp2G (Ether)
All synopses are from MyAnimeList.net, Crunchyroll.com, or AnimeNewsNetwork.com and we do not claim to have written them, or any affiliation to the author of the original.

Images, Animations, and Music in this video are used to support the Anime industry by providing and supporting introductions
to their official release under the allowance for criticism, research, and entertainment under Section 107 of the Copyright
Act of 1976. All copyrighted possessions belong to their respective owners.

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