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This ANIME Game is STUNNING! What To Expect With Scarlet Nexus!

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Who is excited for Scarlet Nexus? A very interesting anime styled action game which is releasing this month! This Scarlet Nexus Video will give you a few bits of information to help you get ready! Let me know what you think about the project, and whether you're picking up Scarlet Nexus on launch day! All footage seen here are from Bandai Namco Trailers!

If you like #indiegames, and you like socials, have a look below & you can also join the channel as well for like a dollar a month.


Scarlet Nexus gameplay is a 3rd person action style game with clear RPG elements. You will be throwing different objects at monsters, called the others to try and defeat them. The story is set around the OSF, the Other Suppression Force and their battle to rid the world of brain obsessed monsters called the others. If you're interested in getting the same on #playstation #xbox or #steam check out the link below!


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