The FASTEST Way To Get DIVINE UNITS In Anime Fighters! FREE TO PLAY GUIDE! (EP 23) | Roblox

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Divine units in Anime Fighters? Oh no, the horror! More pay-to-win features that we'll never get as free to play players. Unless... Fminusmic has decided to bless the entire Anime Fighters community, and now you can get your own Divine unit too. And it doesn't even cost an arm or leg--or single Robux. You're welcome, my pleasure. Even though we're still homeless, we always find a way to come out on top in Anime Fighters. We not only got one, but two Divine units which are apparently better than shiny secret units. Yup, that's right, stronger than shiny secret units. Guess this new divine unit dream team is all coming together in Anime Fighters.

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