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The Anime YouTuber Who KILLED His Family: True Crime & Murder Documentary

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In today's true crime and murder documentary, we're covering the disturbing true story of the anime YouTuber who KILLED his family. In 2012, Trey Eric Sesler, a 22-year-old also known online as Mr. Anime, frequently posted videos on YouTube. Fairy well-known in the YouTube anime community, his videos soon began to take a dark turn. Viewers began to take note of the bizarre behavior displayed in his videos, and things just got more and more strange until the situation escalated in a way no one could have possibly expected. Mr. Anime's last video was titled "Mr. Anime is Planning Something". Just a couple weeks later, news would surface that Trey had commit a heinous crime: he had murdered his entire family. Join us for a true crime storytime covering the YouTube murders of Trey Eric Sesler.

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