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Tales Of Vesperia #13 -- Anime Dust Clouds! -- Game Boomers

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hacker voice im batman

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Tales of Vesperia was our very first Let's Play, and it feels great to finally come back to it. Tales of Vesperia was the Xbox 360 addition to the Tales jRPG series, though it later got ported to PS3 with extra characters and scenes. But if you're looking to play it in english, you've gotta pick up the DEFINITIVE EDITION - an HD remake released for Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and PC. For this new playthrough, that's what we did!



Game Boomers is a YouTube show where friends get together and play video games! It's got a lot in common with Let's Plays, in that the hosts provide colour commentary overtop of game footage. It's also very different from other Let's Play shows, as well. Unlike your average LP, we record our sessions LIVE, allowing viewers to interact with the video in real time. But most importantly of all, we don't have just a face-cam; we have a full on couch-cam, shot in a greenscreen studio, so you guys can actually hang out with us!



*** Dave - The co-host of the show! He's notorious for being awful at video games, but that doesn't stop him from playing them! Dave desires a normal, laid-back life, but Game Boomers keeps sucking him back into the vortex of craziness!

*** Dev - The other co-host of the show! He plays sometimes, depending on the game or his mood. He's generally better at video games than Dave, leading to some conflicts. Dev's also rambunctious as fuck, generally contributing to Dave's already-short fuse!

*** Naomi - Dev's nerdy girlfriend. A gamer, born and raised, and an extreme Xbox fanboy as well, Naomi's only begun to get exposure to Nintendo, Sony, and PC games through Game Boomers. Naomi's around for almost any type of game, but she really enjoys shooters and RPGs.

*** Jordon - When Dave's just had enough of Dev's insane energy, Jordon will occasionally sub in for a more laid back show. Jordon's down to play anything, but story-based games are his thing.

Jess - Jess, or sometimes spelled 'Jes', or sometimes as 'Jessica', but most commonly 'Voldemort', is a friend and occasional Game Boomers guest. She generally shows up for stuff that's either scary or perverted, but also enjoys a good three or four player romp.

Cabbage - Real name Kevin, Cabbage is a laid back stoner-type of guy, who is generally down to play anything and is always chill about it. Cabbage is the guy that always keeps the room mellow.

Eric - Eric's the resident racing game aficionado, but like everybody else, will play anything. As a childhood friend of Dave and Dev, Eric's has no problem giving them a hard time, but it's all in good fun!



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