Noob To Pro/Free To Play In Anime Fighters! UNLOCKING EASY SECRET UPGRADES! (Day 4) | Roblox

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Too easy--we're almost done in Anime Fighters. 3 hours of playtime only? No problem. How about the new Black Clover map? Well, maybe not, but that Demon Slayer map is looking better than every in Anime Fighters. 4 days through this Noob to Pro series, and not a single drop of Robux was spent in Anime FIghters. Amazing, if I say so myself! Mythical Piccolo is about to get a massive level glow up, and is that a secret unit we are about to pull? We might still be homeless in Anime Fighters, but at least we're free to play. Could this be the Anime Fighters episode where we turn everything around?

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