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No Game No Life - Aaox's Anime Review

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You know what this description needs?
A pointed, witty joke about video games to really get us in the mood for a show about jokes and video games.

Well here it is, dear viewers; the very first extreme case of writer's block I've yet been crushed by so far in my open quotes "career" as an open quotes "YouTube Reviewer Guy" and duly I've had a hell of a lot of trouble with this one. I liked it, if you needed a short summary. It was alright.

Hey! I got a copyright strike for this! Thanks, MediaFactory! This might become a problem; I'll keep you updated.


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The Bluff,
Who is Winner,
The Trick,
Grey Sky from the No Game No Life OST,
This Game by Konomi Suzuki,
and Senryaku from the Madan no Ou to Vanadis OST.

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Everyone, all together now: It's Fair Use!

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