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"New Genesis" Could be the Best Anime MMORPG of 2021!

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PSO2 New Genesis Could be the Best Anime MMORPG of 2021!
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Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis had a brand new almost 2 hour long stream showcasing almost everything they possibly could concerning the game. The new overhauled combat, the new zones, the city, cross-play between PSO2 and New Genesis. All in all, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is looking to be a contender for the best Anime MMORPG of 2021, and I couldn't be more excited.


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About Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis:
Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis (PSO2: NGS for short) was announced during the broadcast of Microsoft's Online Conference, the Xbox Games Showcase, on Thursday, July 23, 2020. This massive update will be released instead of a new episode, and is planned to launch after Episode 6.

2021 will mark PSO2's largest update ever!
To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Phantasy Star Online, we will be aiming for even greater heights and reshaping the story, game system, graphics engine, and character creation system. PSO2 will be reborn as an open-field online RPG, with a renewed battle system and game system to match!
The twin universes of PSO2: NGS and PSO2 exist side by side! Both are playable!

You can continue to enjoy the original PSO2 even after PSO2: NGS has been released. Accounts that have been playing PSO2 will be able to hop between PSO2: NGS and PSO2. However, because the game system is vastly different, we would like to explain what exactly is changing with PSO2: NGS below.

Create even more gorgeous characters with the new and improved graphics engine!

With the new graphics engine comes enhanced character models. In addition to the features present in the current character creation system, you'll now have even more detailed options, like changing the luster of your character's skin. Characters will also be able to move their fingers now! Furthermore, you'll be able to wear more accessories—as well as change their locations—creating even more customized characters. Because PSO2: NGS's character creation system is compatible with that of PSO2, players are free to decide which one they want to use.

Finally, PSO2's core graphics engine will also be overhauled, allowing you to use characters created with PSO2: NGS's system within PSO2 as well. Naturally, ALL character creation info from PSO2 (including items linked to emotes and other previously registered data) will be compatible with PSO2: NGS!

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