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Shikamaru - Jonathan Tanigaki:​

Asuma - JB Tadena:​

Hidan - Hunter Smith:​

Kakuzu - Daniel Joo:​

Ino - Evanne Friedman:​

Choji - Euri Tanaka

Kotetsu - Marc Cortez:​

Izumo - Jerry Quil:​

Asuma Stunt Double: Ryu Minami

Nik Shaw

First AD:
Vince Duque

Second AD:
Jeff Pallotta

Vince Duque
Nik Shaw
Jordan Nistico
Yoshi Sudarso

Executive Producers:
Marc Cortez
David Zheng

Associate Producers:
Osric Chau
Candice Schuval

Stunt Coordinator Jerry Quil
Stunt Rigger Ian Eyre
Stunt Rigger Christian Howard
Fight Choreo - Jay Kwon

Art Department
Prop Maker - Sara Aylin

Director of Photography - Marcos Durian
First Assistant Camera - Christo Mercado
Second Assistant Camera - Javier Juanillo
Steadicam Operator - Will Christensen
B Cam OP - Jerry Quil

Grip & Electric
Key Grip/Gaffer - Olivia Aquilina

Production Mixer - George Tataje

Wardrobe & Hair/Makeup
Costume - Lucy Song
Makeup Dept Head - Kao Miyamoto
Makeup artist - McKenzie Gregg
Makeup Asst - Luna Imagawa
Hair Dept Head - Yuma

Production Assistants
Michael Lawrence
Vincent Pahlavan
Camron Palmer

Post Production

Editor - A.J. Calomay
Assistant Editor - Enyi Zhu
Additional Editing - Patricio Ginelsa
Colorist - Emil Boye
Post-Production Coordinator - A.J. Calomay
Post-Production Coordinator - Nik Shaw

Sound Designer/Sound Editor/Re-Recording Mixer - Brian Ortiz

Vfx Supervisor - Evan Zazula
FX Technical Director - Evan Zazula
Shadow FX - Evan Zazula
Dust Sims - Evan Zazula
Explosion Sims - Evan Zazula
Scythe and Rope Sims - Harrison Molling
Teleporting VFX - Brandon Bilyk
Chakra Blades - Brandon Bilyk
Chakra Blades - Diego Woods
Chakra Blades - Paul Robinson
Ninja Shadows - Paul Robinson
VFX Artist - Paul Robinson
Title Card - Paul Robinson
Eye Replacements - Christian Nardi

Music By - Matthew Wang
Guitar, Drums, Bass, Keys, Vocals By - Matthew Wang
Music Editor - Mia Zeidler

Alexander DubovoyBrenda Sianipar
JB Tadena
Niklas Lukassen
Valen Taripo
Ryn Ma
Grace Sin
Soul Boii
Miguel Rodriguez
Meggan Lennon
Kenny Wood
Hikaru Tanaka
Tam Dang

Special Thanks

Created by Masashi Kishimoto

Anime Production Companies
Tokyo Tv

Anime Director
Hayati Date

Anime Composer
Yasuharu Takanashi

Manga Publisher
Shonen Jump

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