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Level 50 Ultimate Amiibo Tournament: Anime VS Manga

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The long awaited next installment in the Captain Kidd Amiibo Universe is finally here! It has been 9 months since these Amiibo last duked it out, but this time they are going at it with a twist! Each Amiibo has joined either Team Anime or Team Manga to settle the debate on with medium reigns supreme! Which team will you pledge your allegiance to? Will it be the winning one? Find out by watching this special Level 50 Amiibo Tournament: Anime VS Manga!

Link to the unlisted update stream: https://youtu.be/uOrO2Eb8PI8

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➤Twitter: https://twitter.com/CaptainKiddYT
➤Discord: https://discord.gg/8fSnBuG

All drawn thumbnails courtesy of Quassy! https://twitter.com/quassihollic

Music Used:

Conquest (Ablaze) (https://youtu.be/sNS_BMuxFPg)
Malie City (Night) (https://youtu.be/70qYGxqjFhU)
Pac-Attack Beginner and Novice Mode ()
Halland / Dalarna (https://youtu.be/lxAK8lxiZ7g)
Plessie's Ride (https://youtu.be/C8vumcp9NP4)
Adventure (https://youtu.be/tZAzQVmikUY)
Infinite Azure (https://youtu.be/kf7bikITFoo)
Fever (https://youtu.be/Wv0pexlwRvU)
Battle! Rival (ORAS) (https://youtu.be/JPbl6o9mGEs)
Metal Crusher (https://youtu.be/P0PpyUsvT9w)
I'll Face Myself (https://youtu.be/4wPNhDFKA3A)
Extra Battle (Cloud) (https://youtu.be/IXwWizwjSro)
Tour (https://youtu.be/ZhmUOR8pWgA)
MegaMan X7 Boss Battle (https://youtu.be/yR5324rOhsQ)
Truth, Beauty and Hatred (https://youtu.be/zidGo704SvI)
True Final Boss (https://youtu.be/lGaIq94zR6o)
Save Hut (https://youtu.be/QsSbaqhWAWA)
Like A Dance (https://youtu.be/uO5dnAhyYXw)
HOES MAD x Dragon Quest 3 (https://youtu.be/n-lNy6nYyt8)

Mewmore // Pokémon League (https://youtu.be/qTrFoOmTvdM)

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