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Huge Champion vs Champion at Survivor Series! Serena Williams at WrestleMania? | News and Rumors

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Can you believe that we’re only 3 weeks away from Survivor Series?! For the big annual event, WWE announced a huge Champion vs Champion match, which will see the company’s two biggest stars fight against each other. Early WrestleMania rumors are rolling in as Stephanie McMahon reportedly shows interest in bringing Serena Williams to WWE. Also, Team Bestie, Trish Stratus and Lita, is looking to return for the biggest show of the year.

We also discussed some interesting aftermath of WWE Evolution. Can this be an annual event and become the WreslteMania of women’s wrestling fan? WWE is positive about the possibility.

Let me know what you thought of all the news, and we look forward to make news and rumor video more frequently. So get ready for some spill!
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0:16 Changes to Ring the Belle's News and Rumor Series

0:28 WWE Survivor Series Plans for Women
0:47 Champion vs Champion Match Announced
1:50 RAW vs SmackDown Elimination Tag Match

2:42 WrestleMania 35 Plans
2:59 WWE Wants Serena Williams for WrestleMania
3:20 Plans for Trish Stratus and Lita

4:04 Can WWE Evolution Be An Annual Event?
4:55 Why Evolution Set Design Felt Different
5:35 Alexa Bliss Returning to the Ring This Weekend
6:05 Shayna Baszler Suffered an Injury at Evolution
6:38 Plans for UFC's 4 Horsewomen

7:37 Renee Young Working Crown Jewel
8:40 Plans for Sasha Banks and Bayley
9:20 WWE Releases New Album Based on Female Superstars
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