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Hinomaru Sumo Episode 1 First Impression / Live Reaction. ANIME OF THE SEASON!!!

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God just his opening right away gave me massive gossebumps YOU right away this is gonna be some EPIC stuff


I seriously think this will be the best new anime of the season (my aots guess is golden kamuy season 2)

Main character was freaking awesome, I love how right away its so clear these 2 guys are gonna be like best of BEST BUDDIES and that is always awesome but especially after coming from watching an anime like Hanebado....this feels so good.

Yuma is clearly gonna redeem himself, was great how he showed some honest and pride in the end there and given the opening / ending he is gonna join, I cannot wait to see him they will react to his defeat mean friendship, I guess MC is gonna be instantly fine with it, YOU LOVE SUMO NOW; OFC!!!!)

I am guessing the girl he saved will join the club to thank him / to get closer to him etc, like she will join having no sumo knowledge but she liks him.
Then the other girl we saw will be like the experienced sumo maniac manager and explain stuff to her (and us the viewer) during matches.

The classic bully story was great to, hes new friend get his ring destroyed, the thing he carried about etc, setting up a classic underdog, bullied kid story ergo karate kid

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