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Haunted Tales with Class 1A | Boku no Hero Academia

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The Midoriya household is throwing a Halloween party for some of Izuku’s closest friends at UA! The students show up one by one in their Halloween costumes ready to enjoy a night full of spooks and laughter by the fire. After they share a couple stories that’s when things take a mighty scary turn and the students are on the edge of their seats. What could possibly be in store for them?


This silly skit video is a year in the making… haha. Last year, we filmed almost all of this skit aside from one scene that we messed up because we ran out of light and the weather turned so quickly. One thing lead to another and we never got around to finishing it—but finally this year we made it happen!

The scene we missed was Kirishima’s story, everything that took place in the woods—that was this year. We couldn’t believe we finally got around to filming it even in freezing cold temperatures Sunni and Meg were troopers wearing those outfits. Including Kiri’s Red Riding Hood dress and heels, haha, the things that this group does for cosplay… normally freeze ourselves to get the shot.

Also a huge thank you goes out to Heather and Amanda who gave us a hand with acting in this video—we couldn’t have done it without the both of you! Thank you so much. Below is their social media’s please check them out they seriously deserve a huge round of applause. Amanda had never even acted in anything before this and she had some serious long lines!

Uraraka: @hxstarnault (Instagram)
Todoroki: @moonjellycos (Instagram)

We hope you enjoy! Please like, share, and subscribe!

- SkitsoFanActs


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