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Guess the Anime Opening Quiz!

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Enjoy our fun game!

The opening themes of each anime will play for 15 seconds. We have divided them up into 5 categories, and for each correct guess, you'll receive points based on which category it came from:

1 point for very easy
2 for easy
3 for medium
4 for hard
5 for very hard

Comment your scores (?/169) below!

EDIT: Hi, yes, hello, we're aware of our screw up with regard to the Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok/Kamichama Karin song mix up. Sorry!

While editing, we accidentally used the wrong audio file (we named Kamichama Karin "MDLR" while downloading the 40+ songs initially). As my computer is the actual devil, by the time the fixed video was finished uploading to YouTube as an unlisted video, there was already too many likes and views on this video to justify taking it down completely. If it would please people, I can absolutely make the fixed version public, but honestly, as this is my first time uploading a video, I wasn't sure if that would be a "smart move" when confronted with the several hundred thousand entirely unexpected views this video already has. TBH, I have no idea what I'm doing. If anyone has any other suggestions as to how to rectify the situation, I'd be more than pleased to hear it in the comments below. Thanks for watching, thanks even more if you bothered reading this, and sorry for all of the confusion! -SC

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