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Creamy Adventures - Anime Expo 2016

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Finally Back from the crazyness that was Anime Expo! So how was it? Well... Here you go! This was how it went down for day 1 and 3 of AX 2016! I missed day 2 because of stuff and the last day I just didn't wanna go because too tired. Anways, this was an amazing experience! WAY better than last year imo. Thanks to everyone who donated so I can get my ticket and spend money for merch! I appreciate seriously appreciate it! Oh, also if you're wondering what I got, I actually only got like 3 posters because I didn't feel like not having food for dinner when going home. It was just better this way. No endcard this time because the video is already long as it is.

Special thanks to Uguubear, LilyPichu, D-Piddy, Holly Conrad and L3AF311 for being a part of the experience for me! I had lots of fun hanging out even for just a short while! I hope that I can meet some fans next year and so on!

Music Attribution:
Remember Summer Days - Anri
Koopa Troopa Beach Remix - Noteblock
Sonic 3 Carnival Night Zone - Noteblock
It's Showtime Undertale Remix - Noteblock(this guy is good)
Horsey - Macross 82-99
Yebisu YUNG BAE EDIT - Macross 82-99
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