Cold - AMV -「Anime MV」

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So guys hope you enjoy this amv.
► The Irony "It was so hot during the editing of this amv" lol.
Since it has been so hot these days I decided to make this amv to cool you down (the sad part it's included too... sorry).
Been a while since I made a sad amv, and many of you requested a neffex song, so here it is, the song itself tells so much about our feelings and not about the weather. The cold scenery it's to show the situations of the characters in a better way and also even being around people can be lonely most of the time, but the message is, that we should continue to keep fighting no matter what because better days will come.
Anyway sorry for the depressing stuff, had to write something cool haha.
Hope you're all doing fine
Stay Safe
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