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BROKEN Anime Archetypes - Fortune Fairies! (Play This Card, Win the GAME?)

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Broken Anime Archetypes is BACK! Fortune Fairies are a completely unique deck to play, as you are not even playing the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card game by Konami anymore. Instead, you are thrust into this world of imagination, where your fate is decided by the cards themselves, as they have free will and don't much like you. Better than Alchemy Beasts and Cookpals, I can say that for certain! Worst Anime Cards? More like BROKEN anime cards!

In all seriousness expect a Dynasty of the Useless on this if I find more small archetypes to fit it in with. Maybe Doll Parts? Leave a comment if you read this far and are hyped for a new Dynasty of the Useless video.

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