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Best One Piece Sad OST - 1 hour Anime Music 2017

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0:00 One Piece Ost - Shrine Maigen Maya
1:22 One Piece Ost - The Sword Of Vows
3:39 One Piece Ost - Mayas Strong Thoughts
5:58 One Piece Ost - A Humans Heart
7:28 One Piece Ost - Vows
7:54 One Piece Ost - If There Are Storms There Are Stars Too
8:58 One Piece - Shanks Theme 2
10:36 One Piece OST - Dr. Hiruluk
12:16 One Piece - A Dark Past
14:36 One Piece - The Time of Promise
16:54 One Piece Ost - If You Live
18:03 One Piece OST - Mother Sea
21:56 One Piece Ost - Robin no Kokoro Kimaru
23:58 One Piece OST - The Path towards the Sun
25:41 One Piece OST - The Sign Of Friendship
28:30 One Piece OST - Kujuu - Kanashimi no ketsui
29:52 One Piece OST - Gold and Oden
32:22 One Piece OST - Message from Uunam
35:03 One Piece OST - Daft Green Cause of Tragedy
37:10 One Piece OST - Bet Your Life on it
39:00 One Piece OST - Shizuka na Ikari - Amiudake
40:25 One Piece Soundtrack - Uunan and the Stone Storage room
42:28 One Piece Soundtrack - Battle Scar
44:05 One Piece Soundtrack - Cobys Speech
45:09 One Piece Soundtrack - Even if it means Death
49:19 One Piece Soundtrack - Feelings Emerge
50:16 One Piece Soundtrack - I Must Protect Luffy
53:02 One Piece Soundtrack - Together
53:25 One Piece Ost - Chopper
55:27 One Piece Ost - Nami
56:51 One Piece Ost - Zoro
58:14 One Piece - Hito no Dokuro ni Tee Dasuna

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