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Anime/Game Characters React To Each Other ||Deku & Bakugo||Part 2 ||

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The Tiktoks I used in the video do Not belong to me, at the end of the entire video I put the credits of the tiktoks.

Deku and Bakugo are Characters from the anime “My Hero Academia” also known as “Boku no Hero Academia”

Please comment which Fandom/ Character you would like them to react to next.

I am really sorry If the ship in this video is not to your liking.

I did rush this at the end so it might be pretty bad at the end.

I tried My best to find Tiktoks more about Deku and Bakugos fights but sadly could not find any, so that is why most of the Tiktoks are not fighting related.

Anyways Please Enjoy! Like and Subscribe!

This Video does belong to me So I would like if it is not reposted or stolen, Thank you!

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