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Anime War: Alternate Series- Episode 1 The Beginning

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Anime War: Alternate Series- Episode 1 The Beginning

My First Fan Animation on the channel.

I just came up with "What if Xicor (The semi saiyan) would be against the Evil Omni King Archon and yeah i thought to give it a try and did a short animation" and so it is my 2k special video.

This is a fan animation inspired by MasTAR Media and it has nothing to do with the original series.

If you guys loved it and want me to make some more of it then yup im making a short series called "Alternate Series" including anime war and other original animations, i will be adding up a alternate story line that it would have been ended up, so stayed tuned and Subscribe to me and help me to complete this mission 10,000 Subs.
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(Like Target is 500 please guys do it, it really motivates me)

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-Im a student pursuing my Engineering but also I wanted to spend some time on animating and been a third year guy I don't have time to understand/learn animation so i don't want to keep any secrets from you guys and I will be honest that I don't want to take any credit from the original animations. I have referenced many of the scenes and I have re-animated them. By Re-animating those scenes of original animations I will and I am learning how actually the process of animation works.

- I'm still a newbie in animation and have a long path to learn on how to animate, understanding of frames, shadows and so. I will keep on learning & understanding, on my path of animation. (Yeah and i wont keep only referencing, gradually i will create my own series with pure animation.)

- I'm on youtube as part time work and also it is fun to be on anime community. Without your support I wont stand a chance,you guys are great so thank you very much guys.

There may be some voice issues because I don't have Mic and did this in my old dying Laptop (Hope you understand though I will correct the flaws and improve in next episode)


#Animewar #animewaralternateseries #animewarseason3 #archon #soren #archonvsxicor #omniumultra #xicor

Green Screen & Stock Footages By:
- Videezy.com

Music By:
YT-Royalty Free Zone - No Copyright Music

Music provided by No Copyright Music:

Music used: Dragon War by Makai Symphony

Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0


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