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Anime VR Game - Iragon Update 41

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Hello everyone, we are back with another monthly update video with all the changes we’ve made to the Beta of Iragon.

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- Changelog for Beta v0.13 from 02.05.21 -

Post Process and Sky - This week we decided to do some recoloring in a few different levels, so that they have a better atmosphere and feel. We changed some post processing settings in the Village level before and after you enter the Tavern. We also changed some skies, added a custom post process to some of the rooms in the Experimental hall and a few other places.

Animations - What makes a cutscene look good is good animations. We continue working on our animations, polishing them, creating new ones and adding them to our scenes. This week the Avoch cutscene got some new animations, some new particles, physics and last but not least face animations for Darick.

Outfits and Materials - We made new materials and textures for the outfits of the Avoch town people, both the male and female civilians. We did the same for the Rogue girl in the Experimental hall. We also did some improvements on the destructible clothing for the warrior girls.

New Art and Others - We’ve been reworking the camp area level to make it more cozy, romantic and delightful. We moved the blacksmith and the upgrades shop towards the exit of the level. We added new art and decorations, a whole new campfire with new fire crackling sounds and effects. Apart from that, we added chapter images for each chapter of the story. Some are finished and some are still placeholders.

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