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Anime School Life City Update Rant

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When it comes to being a game reviewer for this game's group, you have to be flexible with new ideas and new stuff: this isn't something I'm flexible with, however. I work as a builder for ASL and Unbunn has assigned me a job to work on the new city build. About a week later from being gone on social media, I make a public announcement on the discord expressing my thoughts on the city update's build. Unbunn quickly addressed that there's a fix to it, and that really got me into the mood to make a video.

The idea Unbunn made has a lot of holes that make it impossible to work on for me. It's very illogical and time consuming, I'm honestly surprised he didn't just ask me to rebuild Neon District. I don't hate Unbunn as a person or anyone in the video I addressed, I just dislike Unbunn's idea, and even if there's an easy solution, he doesn't want to go through with it.

If you have any questions about ASL, make sure to join the game's discord: https://discord.gg/bMM5T9S
and if you want to talk to me privately: GuestPo#9319

"For a city to be located near a school (in most cases), the school would be surrounded by a small (very small) town that would expand into a city." - Aizex

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