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ANIME GIRLS VS VIRUS - Cheap Anime Steam Game Solves the Pandemic Crisis - Anime vs Virus Gameplay

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Добавлено от В Аниме игры
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Anime VS Virus Gamplay - A cheap anime girl steam game has finally solved the pandemic crisis facing the entire world! The solution has been right in front of us this entire time... Send in some skimpily dressed anime girls with big GUNS to wipe out all traces of the zombie plague (wait what?) and stop the virus in it's tracks... Huh...

Another day and another cheap steam game about anime girls lands at my feet, when it costs just £1 I really have to at least check it out, for research purposes! Anime VS Virus is an anime girls vs zombies shooter that pits you against hordes of infected people (zombies) as you hunt down the virus to put an end to the pandemic once and for all. Destroying enough of the virus will unlock a couple of brand new desktop waifu for you to use but really theres nothing else to the game...

Save that £1, spend it on a Mars bar... or a carrot! Just don't spend it on Anime vs Virus! I don't care how badly you want to see anime girls vs zombies, save your money!!!

*I even threw in a couple of dancing desktop anime girls but sadly no amount of of wonderful desktop waifu could save this game*

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