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All The Anime References & Behind The Scenes in "Back to 2D" | Song Stories

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Lil Miraie has released his third solo single 'Back to 2D' last week, and today we look through the stories and meanings behind the song, including all of the anime references that were mentioned in it. The track is produced by his friend Roko Tensei. Throughout the single, Lil Miraie makes his intentions clear to his past relationships — by going back to 2D.

Multiple anime characters have made an appearance in the song, featuring Shimizu Megumi, Kato Megumi, Rui from Demon Slayer along with Noriko Kamomebata from Kuzu no Honkai.

Read all the lyrics to "Back to 2D" on Genius: https://genius.com/Miraie-back-to-2d-lyrics
Watch the official music video for "Back to 2D":

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Lil Miraie "Back to 2D" Official Lyrics Explained | Genius News Verified
also if u can't tell — yes this video is a joke take it easy have a great day

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