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ACW Impulse #98 | "Across The Pond"

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"Across The Pond"

The British Invasion tour continues on Impulse as we inch closer to Animania V and Anime Revolution on a big night for the blue brand.

It's the aftermath of the Royale Rumble and Naruto Uzumaki made history by becoming a two time Impulse Rumble winner, ten years apart from his first win in 2008. The match is set for Animania V but before then, Sasuke will call out Naruto tonight. What will be said and how much animosity could there possibly be between the two?

In action tonight, the first Impulse Road to Destiny qualification match begins as Neji Hyuga takes on Trunks who will qualify for Animania V? Also, the Intercontinentnal Championship is on the line as Hiei defends the title for the first time against former Cruiserweight champion Roy. Goku has some "monumental" news as it pertains to Hiei as well for tonight. What could that potentially be?

Also, Impulse Tag Team champions Shoryuken face off Cell 13 in non title tag team action. Can Ryu and Ken get things in order to take on a very determined Cell 13? Finally, King JJ is set to speak after the deplorable actions from Royale Rumble against Kinnikuman. What will he say and will he disavow his actions?

All that and we find out the first inductee into the 2018 ACW Hall of Fame as well. Who could it be? Find out tonight on Impulse #98! #gethype #ACWImpulse #AnimaniaV

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